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As the leader in the office automation market in South Africa for 25 years, Nashua has consistently demonstrated best practice in saving our customers time and improving productivity in the workplace, through our industry leading document management and workflow solutions.
Andrei Migatchev, CTO, Magic Software SA
Developing a mobile application follows standard application design practices, i.e. inception, planning, analysis and design, development, testing and deployment. Mobile application development is made more complex due to decisions regarding which device the application will be rolled out to and the commensurate development effort that brings.
Companies need to move away from running each application on a single server.
While decreasing costs on a monthly basis by reducing the number of devices within a current fleet is regarded as the  easiest part of a Managed Print Services (MPS) deployment strategy, the effi ciency and productivity of users may be  seriously affected, argues Nashua Limited’s Gavin Sandham,  head of the company’s Managed Print Services division, Nashua Optimum.
The new HP E5000 messaging solution brings HP’s Converged Infrastructure to the masses.

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