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Business can no longer rely on brand loyalty; it is no longer a consumer driver. Consumers today  understand their requirements and know about the options available to them.
Optimising networks will bring about great cost savings for the company – but it’s important to ensure acceleration is maintained on an on going basis.
The enterprise service bus is commonly viewed as a single middleware software package that connects to the majority of, or all business applications within an organisation.
WE LIVE in the age when processing power is cheaper and more potent, storage is a commodity rather than an asset, and digital communication is readily available. On the other hand, applications have become increasingly complex and more demanding.
There are so many choices out there today that we can no longer buy the simple item we need, no matter what that item is. When was the last time you were able to enter a store and buy a pair of jeans, just jeans, not “slim fit stonewashed low-waist” ones, but those plain original blue jeans?

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