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Nashua Limited’s document management solution provides Avis Fleet Services with a compelling advantage

In recent times, leasing and fleet management solution company Avis Fleet Services was faced with a serious problem: the company had to manage, print and store an exorbitant amount of paper on a daily basis.

However, this situation was turned around in 2011, thanks to an innovative document management solution (DMS) that Nashua Limited provided to the company, which has heightened its efficiency, and ultimately put it a step ahead of its competitors.


Avis Fleet Services approached Nashua in the first quarter of 2011 to craft a solution that spanned multiple departments, needing to integrate with their line of business system. The aim was to improve business processes whilst reducing the large amounts of paperwork that had to be managed daily.

In order to ensure that the solution was successfully crafted, Nashua invested a great deal of time to define and scope Avis’ solution requirements. This was achieved by holding various workshops and interviews with the different departments within Avis.


Over a nine month period, Nashua implemented a customised fleet management solution with Avis’ line of business and financial systems, in order to create a comprehensive and seamless DMS.

The solution spanned multiple departments within Avis, including its accounts receivable department, supplier invoice department, and fleet accident management department.

Nashua’s MD, , says the solution has afforded Avis a competitive advantage in the market place.

“Through implementing Nashua’s customised DMS, Avis has been able to substantially reduce the amount of paperwork that the company produces, and its branches around the country can now access and process their documents securely, reliably and efficiently. Subsequently, Avis is now able to increase the amount of transactions they are able to process on a daily basis.”

Coutinho says the solution has also reduced the need for Avis to post documents, as its customers can now access their statements via the internet, or have them e-mailed directly.

As an added value to the accounts department, the DMS links invoices, credit notes and statements automatically. This allows the clerks to view and access the information instantly.

Coutinho adds that the system has also yielded lower costs, eliminated duplicate information and produced a faster turnaround time for the company by ensuring that supplier invoices are scanned around the country directly into the central repository for processing.


Coutinho concludes that Nashua can provide other companies with the same business value that Avis received.

“Ultimately, the solution that Nashua provided to Avis has enabled the optimisation of its core business processes country wide and internationally, and it can now operate more efficiently without having to increase expenses.

“Similarly, Nashua Limited can offer the same comprehensive value to a variety of industries and clients as we have the capability to provide a customised end-to-end solution that caters for any business scenario.”