As the leader in the office automation market in South Africa for 25 years, Nashua has consistently demonstrated best practice in saving our customers time and improving productivity in the workplace, through our industry leading document management and workflow solutions.

While paper processes can be time consuming, our unique, state-of the art and customised end-to-end solutions are fast, easy to use, and ensure that our customers improve their workflow. Furthermore, our solutions reduce the risk of losing crucial documents through misfiling, and ensure that companies comply with document retention compliance according to specific industry requirements.

Ultimately, we ensure our clients have more control over their documents and business processes by digitising all their documentation. By having a document management system in place, companies can access all their documents within seconds, while our workflow solution ensures that the right people get the right information, at the right time.

The key to our successful service offering is that we fully understand a customer’s business before recommending any products. Rather than trying to sell just a commodity to our client, we believe in providing the right solution. Typically, we first examine how we can reduce clients’ paper usage by optimising processes using innovative software suites. We then compliment the remaining paper-driven processes with output devices tailored to their output requirements.

Following this, our customers are able to identify inefficiencies and correct them far more easily and swiftly compared to slow paper-based processes.

A perfect example of the effectiveness of our solutions is our cost recovery software, which is aimed at law firms and engineering firms. This software helps our customers recover costs from telephone calls, printing, copying and faxing.

We also track all activity against specific projects and/or accounts and generate a report back directly into a company’s accounting system, which allows their clients to be billed accurately and timeously.

Subsequently, our clients’ business decisions and processes become considerably more effective, as administrative issues are more efficiently dealt with, providing timeous access to crucial company information.

Ultimately, through collaboration with our customers, Nashua strives to provide them with innovative office solutions that are best suited to their business, considerably improves on productivity, and ensures that they reap time and cost saving benefits well into the future.