Nashua’s dominant position in the office automation market is solidified by its reputation as a total solutions provider

Nashua Limited’s status as the office automation market leader in South Africa for the last 25 years has been largely built on our ability to be a total solutions provider, as opposed to a company that purely adds value to dated products and services.

Instead of merely selling a generic box to our customers, we analyse the problems and challenges that they face, and from there, tailor a solution that addresses their unique and specific requirements.

Our ability to offer this value has been aided by the fact that our company has expanded our service offering in recent years towards providing end to end solutions in terms of business process management. Subsequently, we now serve as a trusted advisor to our customers and have become an intricate part of their business, by partnering with them on an ongoing basis.

Our understanding of how the office automation market has evolved has assisted us in our approach of helping our customers’ businesses become more sustainable and profi table. Nashua is able to back up this support through comprehensive software and hardware that covers solutions and workflows pertaining to our customers.

Our unique solutions offering also includes proof of concept and due diligence, and most importantly the implementation and management of these solutions on behalf of our customers, with support constantly available from our software vendors as well as the Nashua support team.

Notably, our extensive footprint in South Africa and neighbouring countries means that regardless of where they might be, clients have the confidence that there is a consistent level of support and service on hand. We also utilise this extensive network to remain at the forefront of research and development, aligning our products and services to an ever-evolving African market.

Further to this, as we are under the Reunert umbrella, we have a development house that plays an integral role in assisting our customers with back-end systems integration, such as AS400, Oracle and .

Ultimately, Nashua strives to offer specific long term solutions which add tangible value to our clients’ business operations.

Our customised solutions are specifically devised to save our customers time and money, by positively impacting the fluency, cost effectiveness and efficiency of their document workflow and processes.