Jacques van der MerweJacques van der Merwe

Kaseya’s cloud allows for focus on monitoring services, while ensuring the greatest uptime in applications and servers

According to , regional sales manager for Kaseya Africa, “Cloud services monitoring (CSM) focuses on ensuring your monitoring solution is easy to use and stays relevant within the market. Too many companies focus on monitoring the ‘white noise’ that has no relevance to their customers’ business strategy.“

Traditional monitoring focuses on creating alerts and tickets, without automated remediation, which offers very little value to the service providers and customers. They require tedious configurations and in most cases, hardware on customers’ sites. Explains Van der Merwe, “Kaseya’s CSM offering uses lightweight agent technology to monitor SNMP devices and all IT assets regardless of location. This offers service providers greater visibility and control than ever before with no single point of failure. As long as you have means of communications to your customers and roaming users, you can rest assured they are being monitored.”

Kaseya’s CSM empowers its partners with lightweight agent technology to improve service delivery and focus on their strategic intent of delivering best of breed solutions and services.

Van der Merwe explains, “Our cloud is local, hosted with Business, which helps take the onus away from provisioning multiple servers on various locations in order to attain valuable monitoring stats and information.”

In today’s market, it’s become critical to offer valuable services and monitoring immediately. Being able to provision monitoring standards and best practices is key to stay relevant with key differentiators in our market today,” Van der Merwe continues.

CSM enables partners to rapidly provision monitoring solutions for customers, ensuring strict SLA policies and delivering monitoring services from the cloud regardless of geographical location.


Kaseya’s on-premises option is aimed at customers looking for more functionality, access to the backend and the latest features. It allows for customising the various aspects of the system to provide a niche service to customers.

This option gives a company the chance to create its own private cloud. “Using your own private cloud offers various benefits in the sense of where the data is housed. Various legislations will enforce policies to ensure data is kept within our borders and provides customers with all the power, features and functionality Kaseya has to offer.”

However, having your own private cloud is directly connected to a skills requirement to manage, monitor and support your own infrastructure. It will ensure you have adequate bandwidth, backup and DR solutions in place. “Low latency plays a big role in ensuring your value proposition stays competitive with amazing speeds and results,” Van der Merwe points out.

On-demand, on the other hand, is aimed at a broad customer base looking for easy to use, efficient and powerful monitoring tools, but aren’t concerned with SQL Backend and creating advanced customised dashboards using third party business intelligence reporting tools.

Kaseya offers customers both options, ensuring they are in complete control in their decision making process.

Although Africa presents some challenges for CSM, such as a shortage of skills, electricity price increases, expensive hardware, and bandwidth costs and , CSM takes these concerns away from Kaseya’s partners so that they can focus on their core business.

“Service providers constantly strive to reduce their risk when it comes to technology and operations cost, and software solutions needs to be reliable, fast, accurate and easy to use,” says Van der Merwe. “By taking away so much risk, Kaseya’s cloud solution offers you peace of mind and empowers you to do more with less.”

Kaseya’s CSM is unique in the sense that the company has years of experience in the automation field. “Our cloud has seen tremendous growth in the last year, with Kaseya investing heavily in our offering and ensuring it is locally-hosted as a best of breed IT asset management and monitoring solution,” Van der Merwe concludes.