Since being identified as the next managed services battleground by managed services authority, MSPmentor, South Africa has been doing very well to live up to this claim.

According to an article published in late 2010, although it seems MSP software providers have spent the past two or three years pushing into Europe and Australia, the MSP software land grab is stretching into Africa.

It cited ConnectWise as a prime example, having launched a cloud on Africa’s soil around the time the article was published. MSPmentor also explained how partners/rivals like Kaseya have been busy working closely with MSPs in South Africa.

According to the article: “The managed services market in South Africa seems to be heating up. ConnectWise specifi cally pointed to Africa as a managed services opportunity. And earlier this year, Kaseya spoke extensively about its growing momentum in South Africa. A key data point worth noting: Most MSPmentor 100 survey participants from South Africa run Kaseya, according to our own analysis.”

All in all, MSPmentor cited the North American MSP software market as being mature, said the European expansion remains somewhat slow, Australia remains hot, while Asia and Africa seem poised for more rapid expansion.


Six months later, MSPmentor published an update on the local outlook and announced that the managed services land grab in SA seems to remain in healthy and growth.

“Fast forward to the present and it’s quite clear that MSP software companies – particularly Kaseya and N-able – are focusing more and more attention on MSPs in the South Africa area.”

It also said some PSA (professional services automation) software companies have turned their attention to SA, such as ConnectWise launching a hosted service in South Africa in 2010, and Autotask‘s cloud serving MSPs in the area.

“Meanwhile,” the article continues, “MSPmentor is starting to hear more and more from MSPs in South Africa. The 2011 MSPmentor 100 report included a breakout list focused on successful Africa-based MSPs.”


In February 2012, MSPmentor launched its annual 100 Report for 2011, which it describes as: “The ultimate guide to the world’s best managed services providers.” The 100 Report is the global edition of a series of regional reports the company publishes throughout the year.

The 2012 report showed two South African companies, namely Integr8 IT and Netsurit, appearing on the top 100 list of managed service providers worldwide.

Compared to 2010, where there wasn’t a single local company listed, the local market is indeed growing and becoming increasingly lucrative for managed services providers.

“The managed services trend has also accelerated in all of the major global markets, achieving critical mass in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia/New Zealand, while gaining momentum in Central and South America, and Africa,” the report concluded.