RDB Consulting, an ICT outsource and consulting company has recently reacquired full control of the organisation by completing a transaction to purchase their outstanding shares from The Webcom Group. The Group had acquired a 50% stake in RDB Consulting when founder and current CEO Jaroslav Cerny sold half of the private company’s shares in 2009.

The buyback will enable the company to develop a sharper emphasis on its  core business, as RDB Consulting now represents 100% of its own interests once more, enabling the organisation to maintain its high service levels to customers through improved business operations and focus.

In addition, the transaction will allow RDB Consulting to implement a performance bonus scheme for all employees – across the board.  By providing an incentive that is directly linked to the health of the company, performance of individual employees and customer satisfaction, employees will become more acutely aware of the importance of maintaining RDB Consulting’s high service levels. 

Says , CEO at RDB Consulting, “We experienced significant growth over the last year and motivating our employees with performance bonuses will allow us to maintain our high service delivery standards.”

 “Having not just weathered the economic recession but also growing through it, we took the decision to invest back into our business, using our excess capital to repurchase company stock. Regaining full control of our business once more not only shows our confidence in our ability to further grow and serve our market, it will also allow us to reinforce our areas of core business,” says Cerny.

“Our positive cash reserve stood us in good stead with the acquisition of our outstanding shares. We are looking forward to the growth and change this move will gear us for in 2012,” he concludes.

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