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When Business Intelligence (BI) and big data management are done right, companies can literally change their cultures, empowering employees and improving decision-making.
Counting social media followers is a lot like sitting at a bar and counting the tops from the bottles of beer you’ve drunk. All this tells you is how many beers you’ve had; it tells you nothing about the quality of the conversation, how good the music was, or the general entertainment of the evening. It doesn’t provide the overall context of the experience.
Mark Torr, SAS Technology Practice
Though big data promises massive opportunities for many organisations in the digital age, it can have a negative impact on a business.
Kevin Lancaster, Oracle
For Kevin Lancaster, Oracle’s technology director for big data and analytics, if a person were to build a car the same way IT builds computer systems, driving would be an absolute nightmare.
There are 350 million items for sale on eBay on any given day, and the site reaches roughly 100 million customers. These products and customers produce 150 terabytes of internal data at eBay on a daily basis.

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