Born in a cross fire Hurricane? Well you might just as well be! The emergence of flash memory technology as a viable enterprise storage option has seen a meteoric rise in the last couple of years, and is widely touted to be one of the big ticket items in IT for 2013. But are we seeing the beginning of the demise of the venerable mechanical hard disk drive?
Flash has rocketed in popularity for data storage systems in the past two years and is tipped to be an even bigger trend for 2013.
Jonathan Clarke, EMC
Data is immortal, and it is important for data infrastructure to be agile enough to accommodate that, says Mike Styer, NetApp South Africa country manager. “Data is now everlasting.”
Jonathan Clarke, EMC Southern Africa
Cloud computing is transforming IT by delivering measurable benefits which positively impact the business. As a result, CIOs are able to focus on strategic issues and outsource some operational aspects of technology to a cloud service provider.
Christelle Hicklin, Mimecast
Cloud is seen as a disruptive technology, but at the core, signals advantageous and even necessary change for companies today.

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