Jose Dos Santos, Cell CJose Dos Santos, Cell C

Cell C has fired a new salvo in the ongoing price war with its rivals, introducing a new prepaid package priced at 66c per minute and post-paid packages priced at 79c per minute.

The mobile operator initiated the price war with its 99c per minute pricing in 2012, causing competitors’ scrambling to lower prices in return. In March, took the price lead with the launch of a 79c package. followed suit, and has now responded with a steep reduction in both pre- and post-paid tariffs. “We are turning 99c on its head,” quipped Jose Dos Santos, CEO.

The 66c package will run in parallel with the existing 99c prepaid option, since users will not receive the “SupaCharge” benefi ts, which grant additional credits for voice, SMS and data whenever a user tops up. In fact, the 99c package with SupaCharge is generally cheaper than the new package, but is subject to expiring benefits; the 66c package is ideal for users who want a low rate without the complexity of micromanaging top-ups and benefits, explained , CFO.

It’s also good news for , being easier to manage and delivering a higher margin on average.

The 79c contracts, dubbed ChatMore Standard, ChatMore 200 and ChatMore 400, offer 79c-per minute flat rates with bundled minutes and data in the higher tiers. The packages are all structured on month-to-month agreements without lock-in, explained Dos Santos.