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Davide Hanan, QlikView SA
One of the most important things all organisations need to remember is that a business is only as good as its people. So, how can companies make sure they are getting the most out of their people? Well, it could equally be said that in any industry, even the best employee can be made even better by being equipped with great tools. Just as a carpenter needs the right tools to conduct his craft, all businesses need to make sure they are equipping their employees with systems that they can effectively work with and get the best end results.
Appie Pema, Aptronics
By definition, a stampede is a mass impulse that encourages a group of people or animals to run with no clear direction or purpose.
Niven Perumal, Vox Telecom
Most businesses have some form of data link, such as an ADSL or Diginet line, which is used for various business functions. There are ways of optimising an existing data link to secure a company’s physical premises. At night, when the link is idle because employees have finished working for the day, it can be used to monitor an office, shop or warehouse. A remote monitoring system can eradicate many chinks in companies’ security armour.
Martin Gren, Axis
Living with intelligent devices is a dream we have had for centuries. Michelangelo, Jules Verne and many other great thinkers had this vision, but their vision preceded the technology of their time. The intelligent home is slowly emerging, after many false starts – we have automatic thermostats to control heating and cooling.
Sean Paine, EnterpriseWorx
A BI service provider cannot address all of an organisation’s BI problems. Because BI is a process of building up and using intelligence, the organisation has to develop its own analytical culture that uses BI to help answer questions and underpin decisions. However, a good BI service provider can help fast-track the process of becoming a more analytical and data-driven organisation. And in a competitive environment, businesses that are not data-driven will be left behind.

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