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Desmond Sanders, KaseyaDesmond Sanders, Kaseya

In much the same way that hardware and devices experience advances in processing power and memory capacity under Moore’s Law, cloud-based software solutions are also experiencing exponential increases in capabilities, efficiencies and features.

For companies already invested in cloud solutions, these “upgrades” mean more can be done with current technology. In some instances, updated solutions offer a threefold increase in efficiency without any additional capital outlay. For companies still not invested in cloud-based solutions, these factors are making cloud computing very compelling.

Cloud computing and virtualisation are therefore gathering momentum as mainstream computing platforms. This means more applications, services and data are being provisioned over the corporate network. The “consumerisation” of IT and mobility also add to the complexity of the hosted environment, as administrators and managed service providers (MSPs) need to contend with multiple devices and operating systems, which need secure access to the network.

To contend with this application, data and device explosion, and MSPs are turning to hosted, automated IT systems management solutions, which have generally reached full parity with on-premises delivery methods. These solutions have the ability to enhance system functionality, improve performance and usability, and increase workforce productivity and efficiency.

Hosted IT system management solutions deliver consolidated and customisable discovery functionality, task automation, enhanced policy management for compliance, automated device management and authorisation, and personalised reporting capabilities. These feature sets help to effectively manage the rapidly expanding range of system resources, and deliver reliable and efficient services to business users.

These automation solutions also enable companies to realise a greater return on existing IT investments.

Automation is also the key to rapid issue resolution as these solutions are able to more efficiently mediate issues in multiple instances.

By providing this foresight, organisations also benefit from enhanced forward planning and budget allocations. This saves the IT department or MSP time, resources and improves business efficiency, as they can work smarter, not harder.

About the author: Desmond Sanders is a professional services and sales engineer at Kaseya.