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Celebrating Celebrating its 60th birthday this year, the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is refocusing its core activities to adhere to its founding purpose in science and technology.

Chairperson of the CSIR board, , stated specific objectives in the CSIR`s 2004/5 annual report, tabled in Parliament recently.

The reconfiguration of the CSIR will increase its overall research content and strengthen the research base. According to CSIR president and CEO, Dr Sibusiso Sibisi, the CSIR will increasingly focus on transforming human capital and performing relevant knowledge-generating research.

Some R&D highlights listed in the annual report include:

* The launch of the Meraka Institute;

* Participation in the Community-Owned Information Network (COIN) to remove technology access barriers;

* Satellite imagery and data for decision-making and research;

ICT supporting independent living with disabilities, including research in human language technologies.

Architectural engineering for healthcare facilities;

Intelligent transport systems;

Advances in integrated electronic sensor technologies in the manufacturing and defence sectors;

Nanotechnology applications in man-ufacturing and nanometrology techniques in nanoscience.

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