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Jed Hewson, 1Stream
There are many companies that long for the days where landlines were still the norm, particularly when it comes to debt collecting.
Angelique Robbertse, JobMail
So you've finally decided to embrace social media and create a Facebook page for your company – but how can you run it successfully?
Oliver Potgieter
With cloud computing already entrenched and proven in some of the world’s most substantial companies and savvy startups, South African businesses should be asking themselves a simple question. Why isn’t more of my stuff in the cloud?
Christo Briedenhann
In a world of shrinking IT budgets and changing technology, it’s imperative that businesses reduce operational costs, while also improving flexibility and agility. Therefore, virtualisation in the data centre is definitely worth considering. Software-Defined Networking-based (SDN) virtual networks can provide businesses with the tools they need to deliver applications effectively while also simplifying the underlying physical infrastructure.
Danelle Au
Let's get real: there’s a lot of confusion and FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) on the topic of whether next-generation firewall technology ‘belongs’ in the data centre. Of course it belongs there, but it’s necessary to clarify the types of data centre being referred to.

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