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Craig Leppan
iPads at till points, retail stores where tills are outdated, and small businesses with mobile Point of Sale (POS) carried in back pockets – whatever the market, the face of retail is changing.
Jayson O’Reilly
The industry has been talking about the benefits of cloud computing and BYOD for some time.
Ayanda Dlamini, LGR Telecommunications
Big Data is not about sifting through a wealth of historical data, it is about focusing on the ‘now’ within the data.
Dr Pieter Streicher,
The distinction between A2P and P2P messaging is not as straightforward as you might think and getting this wrong can be pretty disastrous for operators. Poor wording of the definition of A2P messaging in the initial interconnect agreements in South Africa resulted in the newly-licensed smaller operators being able to send hundreds of millions of A2P SMS messages for free.
Taryn Cromie, HansaWorld South Africa
As the owner of a small or medium company, you’re probably well aware of the growing need to have an integrated business management solution and a Web presence as an integral part of your service offering. This is especially true if you’re involved in the sale of products – whether to end-customers or to trade.

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