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Alexander Polyakov, ERPScan
I want to talk a little about the security of big companies. There are some areas which are underestimated by many companies. While a lot of buzz exists about mobile, SCADA, cloud and cyber attacks, we forget about key elements of IT infrastructure that store and process all corporate data.
Alan Hammond, Performanta
When my opinion on the state of information security within the African continent was asked, I began thinking of countries like Sudan, Mali and Libya. I recalled images in the news of people armed with AK-47s, and craters the size of small passenger vehicles. Although this is the content served to us by the media, what of the rest of Africa?
Heino Gevers, Mimecast South Africa
There’s no questioning the fact that mobile connectivity and the emergence of new technologies such as tablet devices and long term evolution (LTE) networks have profoundly altered the way in which professionals go about their daily business.
Deon Scheepers, Interactive Intelligence Africa
One of the first areas that companies need to examine before moving into the cloud is how much of the IT infrastructure they should actually transfer. Some might think basing all their telephony systems in the cloud would save money, with services being accessed through a public network or a VOIP, meaning there is no carrier relationship onsite. This would eliminate capital expenditure costs for the phone system, requiring only a monthly rental or per-use payment.
Scott Orton, Triple4
With the big strive towards the cloud and taking services from hosting providers, organisations are becoming more flexible, having fewer infrastructure worries and carrying on with life, while investing a relative amount of trust that their data is safe and all is well. Is that actually the case?

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