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Adrian Pickering
A recent sponsored report from the RAND Corporation reveals the world of cyber crime is complex and has developed into a fully functional market economy. RAND interviewed a number of global experts with involvement in black markets, across academics, security researchers, reporters, security vendors and law enforcement.
Anthony Olivier, Performanta Consulting
Everywhere, people want to talk about privacy. Or, more precisely, the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, 4 of 2013.
Dimitri Fousekis, Telspace Systems
Recent local events have dramatically highlighted security issues among users of the iPhone. There have been reports of hi-tech equipment used to recover data and crack phone encryption – as well as obtaining login details of Web sites used to manage the phone – and these have raised concerns that personal data is simply not safe.
Jonathan Foulkes, Kaseya
BYOD mobility is rapidly becoming an enterprise fact of life. Thanks to the introduction of new technologies that make it practical, workable, and secure, the BYOD dilemma – balancing the needs of the enterprise with the demands of its users – has been greatly diminished.
Andrew Mpofu, SAPO
There are two categories of company executives; those who are paying diligent attention to company matters and those who are completely not doing so.

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