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Michael Geisier
The proliferation of technology, evolving marketing channels and the highly competitive market place has given rise to demanding customers with huge expectations. Personalisation tops this list of expectations.
George Todd
Online forums have been around far longer than Facebook and Twitter and, for many of the people who use them, have become their “traditional” channel for customer service.
Paul Fick, Jasco GroupInformation and Communication Technology (ICT) has become a critical business enabler by promoting greater efficiency, a more agile workforce and the ability to do business regardless of geographic boundaries.
Jonas Thulin, Fortinet
Vulnerable Web sites aren’t just a reputation risk – they leave an open door to your backend systems and company data, says Fortinet.
Jed Hewson, 1Stream
Last year’s Forrester Report on call centre technology was clear on the benefits of the cloud and hosting services, but there was a clear caveat attached – perceived concerns around security, performance and reliability has left some business and IT managers simply more comfortable using their own in-house IT, regardless of the benefits of the alternative.

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