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Shane Chorley, Vox Telecom
Surveys have shown that 32% of employees globally rely on more than one device during the average working day, which means that Wi-Fi connectivity could either hinder or enable employee productivity.
Kevin Phillips
Africa is a popular place to be right now – and looking at the growth prospects of the world’s developed economies over the next three years, it’s no wonder. If the multinationals are going to make their targets, they will need to venture beyond familiar markets into burgeoning economies like Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.
Hayden Lamberti
We are rapidly approaching a point when a number of key factors will converge to force a tipping point in the local mobile connectivity market. As mobile content consumption behaviour continues to evolve and smartphone penetration rates increase, especially following the introduction of lower cost options, traditional mobile connectivity mediums such as 2G, 3G, LTE and WiMax will be unable to cope with these increased demands.
Jed Hewson
There has always been confusion surrounding the cloud, and its costcutting abilities, particularly in call centers.
Davide Hanan
Everyone knows that Formula 1 is as fast-paced as it gets, going from 0 to 124 mph (200km/h) in four seconds and at a speed of 225mph. But success does not just lie in speed. Behind the scenes, engineers and mechanics need to know exactly what they are doing – and make any fixes as quickly as possible.

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