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Eman Liu, Huawei
There’s little doubt that the manner in which we store and analyse information is rapidly changing. The ubiquity of the Internet has now expanded to such an extent that the sheer weight of information humanity has produced far outweighs our capacity to secure and understand it.
Desmond Sanders, Kaseya
In much the same way that hardware and devices experience advances in processing power and memory capacity under Moore’s Law, cloud-based software solutions are also experiencing exponential increases in capabilities, efficiencies and features.
Karl Reed, Elingo
Full interaction process automation (IPA) has long been a dream of enterprises everywhere, but until now, the ‘rip and replace’ factor has stood in the way of achieving it.
Perry Hutton, Fortinet
Five billion: this is the number of mobile subscribers worldwide, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Smartphones have definitely invaded our personal lives, making their way to the corporate environment as well.
David Richards, Innovation Group
Technology features heavily in the short-term insurance industry this year, and with good reason. To succeed in the new world order of intense competition and economic uncertainty, innovation and insurance businesses must co-exist.

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