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Christo Briedenhann, Riverbed Technology Africa
Hyper-convergence is a relatively new term, but ICT developments have been leading up to it for some time.
Jessica van Wyk, Veeam Software
There’s a common perception that virtualisation is only for large organisations and requires dedicated IT managers. With the right partners it’s completely possible for a small business to realise all the benefits.
Niall Moynihan, AppSense
The rise in mobility, ubiquity of network access, proliferation of social media applications, and shifting expectations from consumers are imprinting an indelible mark on business processes. The consumerisation of IT, or the BYO (bring your own) trend, is fundamentally changing how business engages with its workforce.
Jacques Visser, Vox Telecom
I grew up in Upington, a small town in the Northern Cape. I speak from experience when I say the individuals living in farming communities are among the most enterprising in the world. It saddens me, as someone who has worked in the field of telecommunications and technology for so many years, that people are still limited by – of all things – inadequate access to basic business tools, like the Internet and e-mail.
Danny Myburgh, Cyanre
While having the Web available on devices that fit into the palm of your hand certainly has many benefits and perks – such as providing you with the ability to work without having to go to the office – it has a distinct downside as well.

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