Special Report

Special Report

Mohammad Patel, WAPA
Despite connectivity issues, SA is positive about dealing with the cost, speed and quality challenges.
Jeremy Waterman, Sage ERP
According to Gartner, public cloud services globally are expected to reach $131 billion in revenue in 2013, up from $111 billion in 2012. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings are expected to account for 14,7% of the estimated $131 billion cloud service revenues in 2013. This translates to approximately $20 billion in cloud application sales in 2013, and presents a huge opportunity for on-premise software developers.

The three-tier data centre architecture model that has been in place for the past 25 years will be unsustainable in future, says Gary de Menezes, regional director at Oracle Africa.

Today’s advanced communication needs are driving the office automation industry forward.

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