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Policy makers should consider creating tradable rights in radio frequency
International research company Datamonitor released the results of a study towards the end of 2004 indicating that the number of South African contact centre agent positions will increase to 69 600 in 2008 from 38 400 in 2003.
new virus threats are appearing daily, including spyware, spam, Trojans, adware and mutated forms of malware that deliver blended attacks. Computer users are bearing the full brunt of this seemingly never-ending onslaught, without suitable armour. How can their pain be stopped?
THE risks associated with businesses` increased dependence on IT are considerable. IT leaders are typically not trained in both technology and business and they are not always prepared to wear both strategic and operational hats
Control of total cost of ownership (TCO) can be realised by automatically moving data objects to appropriate media, as criticality or value changes, and ensuring that such data is easily located and used regardless of where it physically resides

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