Nashua offers best practices in production printing through creating strategic alliances

With the introduction of its new print production division, Nashua Limited is once again raising the bar on its customer solutions offering. Although Nashua has offered print production devices for a number of years, this division will ensure that we better meet the demands of our production printing and publishing customers, as we continue to save you money and time; putting you first in your industry.

This will be achieved by creating strategic alliances with our clients, instead of operating merely as a sales vendor, subsequently effecting sustained improvements to our customers overall production printing process.

In line with our desire to optimise our customer’s production printing processes, every solution that Nashua sells is customised and personalised according to the unique needs of the customer, with the ability to integrate and expand with their existing solution.

Our ability to commit to best practice in terms of service and expertise is driven by our dedicated professional needs analysis team. We also have a team of qualified and experienced production engineers who are able to define, build, implement and support print production solutions.

Further, Nashua’s production printing services have also partnered with a local FOGRA certified company in order to better align the output and performance qualities of our equipment to the FOGRA certification which our hardware already has, in unison with the customers site. This means that we can perform an audit on any print company wanting to implement the ISO12647 and ISO15311 standards, irrespective of what production systems are already in place, issue a report outlining any procedures needed to be implemented and then assist with the execution of the onsite certification test for evaluation by FOGRA. Based on this, FOGRA will then issue certification of standard conformance to the company. Even if a company doesn’t have a complete “conventional” print operation, we can facilitate to certify proof production and digital press profiles.

Uniquely, Nashua doesn’t just focus on a basic service offering, but provides an intelligent solution prior to and post installation, which considerably enhances our customers’ production processes. This includes in house financing of our customers’ equipment, a service which few other suppliers can offer.

Customers utilising our production printing services are also provided with the best in industry colour and monochrome digital printing presses. As an example, our new colour production digital press range can produce up to 5 400 impressions per hour, while our top of the range monochrome models are equipped to produce between 5 400 and 8 100 impressions per hour.

Ultimately, Nashua ensures best practice in production printing by providing customers with a one stop solution that does not compromise the output or quality of the products sold to them, whilst saving clients’ money, minimising downtime, and optimising their production printing value.