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Mike Styer, NetApp
Bring your own device (BYOD), the business policy of allowing employees to use personal mobile devices for work purposes, is gaining increasing traction and adoption. But, make no mistake: for midsize businesses, BYOD is the new way to spell risk. And often, that risk could be substantial, looming over companies already racing to keep pace with their expanding data, storage and infrastructure needs.
Ever since our establishment in 1973, Nashua Limited has constantly been an innovation thought leader in the office automation industry.
SA’s second biggest cellphone operator has reviewed its business structure as it steers its business operations towards ICT convergence.
The rapidly evolving technological landscape has given rise to a new breed of consumer – one armed with easy access to information and myriad platforms on which to voice their opinion. As these customers grow ever more demanding, contact centres are being forced to swiftly evolve in order to accommodate their growing needs.
The company details managed services and business document processes

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