Ever since our establishment in 1973, Nashua Limited has constantly been an innovation thought leader in the office automation industry.

Owing to our commitment to innovation, our customers have always been able to better manage their operational costs, productivity and time management, and keep up to speed with the fast paced business environment.

Our reputation as an innovator has also meant that we have constantly sought to evolve our own offering, thereby ensuring that we simultaneously maintain our reputation and continue to offer our clients customised and productive services and solutions.

This commitment has directly resulted in Nashua moving away in recent years from being a box-dropping vendor to a company that incorporates each element of the printing solutions process, and one that manages the entire lifecycle of a document.

Resultantly, we are able to provide our customers with peace of mind through offering comprehensive and innovative hardware and software business solutions such as digital storage, variable data printing, and managed print services.

We achieve this value offering by creating strategic alliances with our customers, which aids in effecting sustained improvements to their printing process. In this regard, instead of merely focusing on a basic service offering, we provide an intelligent and end-to-end solution prior to and post installation that best fits the requirements of our customers’ business, and in a format that best suits their requirements. This includes the financing of all our equipment, which is a service that few other suppliers can offer.

Subsequently, this solution significantly enhances our customers’ production processes, and results in a considerable return on investment. In devising and implementing this solution, Nashua will always collaborate with the customer, in order to ensure that every solution we sell is customised and personalised according to their unique needs.

Resultantly, our solutions’ offering has the ability to integrate and expand with their business, and maintain and grow their customer base. We are able to provide this support and service owing to our numerous qualified and experienced engineers, who are able to define, build, implement and support expert solutions. This innovative expertise is backed up by our dedicated and solutions driven professional needs analysis team.

Our company’s constant commitment to providing the latest and most innovative technology also means that we only offer our clients the latest and best in industry digital printing devices, and document management and cost recovery solutions.

Further, as Nashua is the largest distributor of Ricoh products in the world, we are therefore able to leverage this on-going and established relationship to ensure our clients receive industry leading and highly innovative office automation products. This wide range of products includes MFP printing devices, colour laser printers, gel printers, wide format printers, duplicators, fax machines, and high volume printing devices.

Ultimately, Nashua’s commitment to innovation ensures our customers receive a one stop solution that does not compromise the output or quality of the products sold to them.

Through being provided with services and solutions that minimise downtime and optimise value, they are able to streamline operations through the various levels of their company, and save valuable time and money.