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Jonathan Clarke, EMC
Data is immortal, and it is important for data infrastructure to be agile enough to accommodate that, says Mike Styer, NetApp South Africa country manager. “Data is now everlasting.”
Christelle Hicklin, Mimecast
Cloud is seen as a disruptive technology, but at the core, signals advantageous and even necessary change for companies today.
Manoj Bhoola
According to a recent global survey done by Avanade, the investments companies are making to manage big data are paying off. The report shows that 84% of respondents believe big data helps them make better business decisions. Added to this, over half of global companies (59%) say more employees than ever before are involved in making decisions as a result of more widely available company data.
Alastair Turner
Integrated big data platforms for structured and unstructured data offer organisations the ability to analyse the entire spectrum of available data – from traditional board reports to social media – from one unified perspective.
Jonathan Clarke
Despite considerable, tangible benefits – savings on hardware, power, cooling, floor space, software licences and maintenance as well as streamlined IT management and improved DR planning – organisations’ willingness to transform applications into virtualised environments is below expectations.

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