Geographic number portability (GNP) is arguably the second most significant step in creating a competitive telephony landscape in South Africa, next to deregulation of the industry itself. GNP encourages reduced pricing, improved service level agreements and innovations in technology because with GNP you take your number with you.

But does it really?

Despite the seemingly large amount of companies offering to port your number, ultimately your number may only reside with a registered active Geographic Number Porting participant. Currently, there are only 25 active registered GNP participants that have successfully met the various stringent requirements
of the Number Portability Company (NPC). The NPC is an independent company established for the sole purpose of controlling mobile and geographic number porting in South Africa in accordance with the Telecommunications Act of 2000.

In alphabetical order, these upstream providers include but are not limited to:
• Avoxi
• BitCo
(Pty) Ltd
• Frogfoot Networks
• Hymax

Business Solutions
• Multisource Telecoms
• Nashua Communications (Formerly ECN)

• Otel Telecoms (Pty) Ltd
• Skycall Networks (Pty) Ltd, a Division of Telemasters Holdings Ltd
• Switch Telecom
• Telfree Communications (PTY) Ltd
• Virtual Card Acquiring
• Vox Telecom

*members not mentioned declined to comment

Your provider should make sure your geographic move is registered with the Number Portability Company before you port. If you would like to see who the current owner of your number is, there is a public website you can use, (Note that the address is case sensitive.)

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