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All-in-one mobile wallets and affordable financial services present a massive opportunity for telcos in Africa, said Amdocs.

The three-tier data centre architecture model that has been in place for the past 25 years will be unsustainable in future, says Gary de Menezes, regional director at Oracle Africa.
BI thought leader Ralph Kimball
In 1981, when someone mentioned data, people weren’t too sure what they were talking about.

Natural disasters, the release of the POPI Act, LTE roll-outs, and an increase in technology uptake such as cloud, were some of the biggest impacts on the IT industry this year.
2013 Visionary CIO, Laher has been the driving force behind a 14-month turnaround in the public utility’s IT division - taking it from total breakdown to Eskom’s top-performing division. His vision for Eskom IT has been clear – it had to become a strategic partner and technology enabler for the organisation.

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