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Yolisa Phahle, MultiChoice SAYolisa Phahle, MultiChoice SA

Multichoice SA Group CEO Imtiaz Patel has named Yolisa Phahle as the new CEO of M-Net SA – a position she will assume on 1 April.

Phahle will move from her current role of director for local interest channels at M-Net, says in a statement.

She joined M-Net in 2005, as GM of Channel O, and was appointed as director of special interest channels for SA in 2009.

Phahle was tasked with launching the Mzansi Magic channel in 2010, and she also oversaw the launch of two more channels under the Mzansi banner.

Patel says Phahle is “a rare talent and has proven herself to be a dynamic and extremely capable all-round broadcasting executive. Yolisa has been at the forefront of local content development, which has led to more diverse growth in the viewership base.”

Phahle’s broadcast career began at the BBC World Service where she trained as a studio manager, before becoming a producer at BBC Radio 1 and BBC World Service Music.

Her appointment as CEO followed a decision to focus M-Net’s business on three core African markets – SA, West Africa and East Africa.

“We want M-Net to increase its focus on our various target markets in these regions, to facilitate further growth,” says Patel.

Phahle will report to the sub-Saharan CEO of M-Net, Patricia van Rooyen.