Just over a week ago, members of the local media finally had their first brush with the country’s new minister of communications, Faith Muthambi – a highly-anticipated meeting since President Jacob Zuma (rather inexplicably) split the Department of Communications in two.

As IT security professionals struggle with the endemic problem of cyber crime – a growth industry that is constantly evolving in sophistication and is putting increasing strain on the world’s leading economies – an unlikely hero is emerging: the pothead.

If you’ll recall, almost exactly two years ago, fast food chain Steers got severely flamed for spectacularly cocking up its R10 ‘Whacky Wednesday’ rib burger promotion, having seriously underestimated the South African consumer’s appetite for a bargain (and for its rib burger, evidently).

While God may work in mysterious ways, he has nothing on Jacob Zuma. Parting seas, burning bushes, resurrecting the dead… that’s child’s play, really.

The uptake of social networking and the rapid adoption of mobile devices and technologies has seen the rise of an always-connected society, and has necessitated a shift in how organisations and IT practitioners respond to vulnerabilities that stem from this phenomenon.

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