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The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (Unitar) has unveiled the 2014 edition of online training courses in financial management, international trade and intellectual property.

According to Unitar, these courses are intended for trade and finance professionals and officials from developing countries, including least developed countries and economies in transition. Since the introduction of online courses in 2003, over 10 000 officials mainly from developing countries benefited from the courses, the institute says.

“Our e-learning courses allow users to interact with other participants, to exchange ideas, and to ask questions to the facilitators, who all come from different backgrounds, which contributes to the richness of our trainings,” says the institution. Each course is moderated by an international expert with an in-depth understanding of current challenges and issues. Their real-world experiences allow participants to gain relevant and practical insights, it adds.

The current calendar of events includes some of the highly in-demand courses on financial negotiation, risk management, financial governance/management, trade and intellectual property, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, as well as debt management and poverty reduction, says Unitar.