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Yolande van Wyk, FNB
Africa is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world for phones, and that’s not going to change – but for businesses building a mobile presence, the lower-tech consumers must be remembered.
Jon Hoehler, Deloitte Digital
Social networking is not just social any more: more organisations are using social business apps to enhance communication and productivity.
Prenesh Padayachee, Internet Solutions
Local organisations report skills gaps across emerging technologies

Bitcoin is a digital currency, but it is unlike most others. While it lost more than half its value recently, the interest in it is growing. We examine how Bitcoin works and what makes it different.
Peter Redshaw, Gartner
The world, as we know it, is changing rapidly. We are becoming a global society; open, networked and transparent. We are always on and instantly accessible. Social, mobile and digital technologies are becoming the norm.

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