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On the cover

Do your employees really need to be deskbound? The technology is in place to make the virtual workforce a reality, but companies stubbornly resist the change, despite sound bottom-line reasons to embrace it.
Durban changes gear with R1bn ICT plan by 2010 and beyond Durban is well on its way to becoming a lot less laid-back. It aims to have its smart city infrastructure complete by year-end and start competing with SA IT hubs
Big IT dreams but even bigger hurdles for South Africa`s neighbours Zimbabwe`s ICT industry is barely managing to hold its own in a battle against hyper-inflation, instability and a `skills diaspora` that is robbing the country of promising young professionals. Those still operating in the Zim ICT sector say there is vast potential for growth - if the economy stabilises.
Mass market not ready for Linux, say PC vendors SA vendors are cautiously starting to offer Linux options on consumer PCs. But offering it across the board isn`t viable yet, since there`s practically no demand. Sahara says India`s Linux success proves otherwise.
Is HP killing Dell? Dell`s market share slippage and latest results have investors turning up their noses at its stock. Meanwhile, HP is the new darling of Wall Street and the markets, and some say Dell`s direct model is its biggest problem. Will we see tectonic shifts in this industry and two of its biggest players?

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