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On the cover

Africa`s race to make technology pervasive If SA is to compete in tomorrow`s global economy, it must broaden access to computers. This means building low-cost PCs; establishing community computer systems; and, critically, taking computer access to South Africa`s schools
As SA`s broadcasting industry gets set for a major digital shake-up, a local player aims to push for the transformation of the entire African broadcasting industry. ut he and others feel that pay-TV giant MultiChoice stands in the way
The path to universal access is fraught with challenges, but there is opportunity for innovation too
Is the UK trying to outlaw outsourcing? Following an EU directive, the UK has amended its TUPE law, ostensibly to offer protection to UK employees. However, in light of trade agreement in place between SA and the EU, could these changes damage the local BPO industry?
Is ransomware a reality? The IT industry has a history of spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt in order to sell more products. The anti-virus sector is particularly adept at using this technique. So when it warns of a chilling new threat in malware that infiltrates our data and holds it hostage, do we believe it?

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