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On the cover

SNO Telecoms battles to get through The SNO`s urgency to get cracking is understandable, if it is to hit a slippery operational target date. But after a hugely handicapped start, obstacles are still mounting.
RFID stands to revolutionise the logistics, supply chain, retail, asset-tracking and even fleet management spaces, by reducing costs and increasing visibility. However it faces three major stumbling blocks before it can change our lives forever.
Intellectual property law is radically out of line with economic, social and technological trends. With an R&D budget of several hundred million rands, the CSIR is making a new effort to make its publicly-funded research available for the benefit of all.
Spotting fraud before it`s too late Recent high-profile cases of corporate wrongdoing demonstrate just how easily white collar crime can go undetected for extended periods if the checks aren`t in place. Good corporate governance, individual risk mitigation and technology all contribute to businesses taking a proactive approach to identifying and preventing fraud.
Can you imagine a world where every power socket in your home or office is a broadband communications point without the need for separate cabling? Even as powerline communication still struggles to gain credibility, it is now commercially viable. iWeek speaks to the experts.

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