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On the cover

The year in review, and the one ahead The past informs the future. To ascertain what might happen in the year to come, iWeek asked financial analysts, research gurus and vendors about the game-changing happenings of the year that was
Hacking`s final frontier Individuals are increasingly being targeted in a new wave of hacking. iWeek takes tips on avoiding risk from the world`s most notorious ex-hacker and others in the know
South Africa`s ailing skills machine. South Africa`s shortage of IT skills is widely recognised, yet there is no long-term solution. If the industry is to contribute to 6% target economic growth and survive a global recruitment onslaught, we need the right skills, and lots of them
Gushing oil prices have sent IT companies rushing to get their share of the black gold`s profits. But will the oil industry grab the opportunity to regain former glory, as it still smarts over the lean times of yesterday?
Is your IT budget prioritised correctly? Analysts say too little of IT budgets is being spent on creating value for businesses. SA CIOs think differently. Despite the difficulty with measuring the business value of technology, the best of them have come up with good spending ratios.

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