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On the cover

The finalisation of the draft ICT Charter has caused a flurry of black empowerment deals, and the outlook for the industry is good for the first time in five years. - IT companies are attractive again.
Marrying the best aspects of the black economic empowerment drive and the Proudly South African campaign has staggering potential – a global brand that will be truly South African.
A letter announcing Telkom`s intention to change its ADSL pricing structure for ISPs underscores the arbitrary effect of the telecommunications utility`s decisions on small and medium-sized companies.
SA`s cellular price war is not a passing marketing fad. It`s going to be a drawn-out battle for subscriber numbers amidst declining average revenue per user.
The enterprise market`s move towards mobile applications has been slower than anticipated, and operators are, predictably, making much of their money from voice calls. What are the early business adopters up to?

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