Alastair Turner
Integrated big data platforms for structured and unstructured data offer organisations the ability to analyse the entire spectrum of available data – from traditional board reports to social media – from one unified perspective.
Manoj Bhoola
According to a recent global survey done by Avanade, the investments companies are making to manage big data are paying off. The report shows that 84% of respondents believe big data helps them make better business decisions. Added to this, over half of global companies (59%) say more employees than ever before are involved in making decisions as a result of more widely available company data.
Ever since our establishment in 1973, Nashua Limited has constantly been an innovation thought leader in the office automation industry.
The rapidly evolving technological landscape has given rise to a new breed of consumer – one armed with easy access to information and myriad platforms on which to voice their opinion. As these customers grow ever more demanding, contact centres are being forced to swiftly evolve in order to accommodate their growing needs.
No other technology in world history matches cellphones in terms of the rate at which they have spread – with three out of every four human beings worldwide now having access to one.

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